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telemarketing do not call policy

Offering quality products and services that provide value to our customers is Unified Compliance Services main priority. Unified Compliance Services Compliance Specialist Department is a department that engages in telemarketing to existing and potential Unified Compliance Services customers. As part of our business relationship with our customers, we may contact you via telephone to inform you of our services that may be of interest to you. We respect your privacy preferences, and in order to honor those preferences when contacting you, we have developed and adhere to the following Do Not Call Policy.

Purpose of Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that Unified Compliance Services is in compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. These guidelines shall apply to all Unified Compliance Services employees, including sales representatives and administrative employees.

Compliance with Laws

When conducting our telemarketing activities, Unified Compliance Services will do so in accordance with all federal and state laws and regulations regarding telemarketing, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), the Federal Trade Commission’s Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Direct Marketing Association’s Ethical Guidelines and this Policy.

Policy Statement

Unified Compliance Services sales representatives will not call any party who is listed on either (a) the Federal Do Not Call Registry, or (b) Unified Compliance Services Internal Do Not Call List. Only telephone numbers that do not appear on either list may be called.

Identification of Telephone Solicitation 

Persons representing Unified Compliance Services for purposes of telephone solicitations must clearly state the name of the organization, their name, the purpose of their call and provide to the caller a telephone number through which Unified Compliance Services may be contacted. For all outbound calls that include a sale or an up-sell component, Unified Compliance Services representatives must provide required telemarketing disclosures prior to the sales communication. These required disclosures include truthfully disclosing material information in a clear and conspicuous manner before a consumer pays for a good or service and obtaining the consumer’s express, verifiable authorization for payment.

Requests to be Listed on Do Not Call List

If, during a sales call, a consumer (including an existing customer) states that they do not wish to receive any more sales contacts from Unified Compliance Services, the sales representative shall promptly add the consumer’s name (if given), telephone number and the date of the request to the Unified Compliance Services Do Not Call List by clicking on the Do Not Call button inside the customers profile in the CRM. Telephone numbers will remain on the internal Do Not Call List for a period of five years from the date the request was made.

Training of Employees

Unified Compliance Services is committed to informing, training and reinforcing this Do Not Call Policy with all of our employees and representatives who are involved in conducting telemarketing activities, and will continuously monitor proper phone etiquette and mandatory compliance requirements throughout our telemarketing efforts. 

All inside sales and administrative employees will be required, after being trained in the procedures and the content of the guidelines, to sign an acknowledgement that they understand the guidelines and their importance.

To the extent that federal and state laws may change, Unified Compliance Services may change, revise or alter these guidelines. Employees involved with activities affected by these guidelines will receive training to enable them to take actions consistent with these guidelines.

Process of removing numbers that are on the Do Not Call List

Unified Compliance Services will download the Federal and applicable state Do Not Call list(s) every 30 days. Unified Compliance Services has a custom program that will compare our daily new contacts list with the Do Not Call list. Any number identified as being on the DO Not Call list will be removed from the list of the numbers uploaded into our CRM. 

Unified Compliance Services will:

· Check all contacts against the State and Federal Do Not Call list(s) before initiating any telephone solicitations;

· Maintain a written policy implementing this requirement to keep a Do Not Call list and make this written procedure available to anyone on demand;

· Maintain the Do Not Call list for a period of 5 years and refrain from selling or sharing the Do Not Call list (except with a subsidiary or affiliated company) without the customer’s consent;

· Train and inform employees engaged in any aspect of the Do Not Call list;

· Provide the called party with the name of the individual caller, the person or entity on whose behalf the call is made and a telephone number (which may not be a 900 number or any other number for which charges exceed local or long-distance transmission charges) or address at which that person or entity may be contacted;

· Make a record of the name and telephone number of the Unified Compliance Services customer or consumer who requests not to be called again; 

Time of Day Restrictions

Representatives of Unified Compliance Services will not place telephone solicitation calls to a residential telephone number before 8:00 a.m. (9:00 a.m. Sundays) or after 9:00 p.m. (local time at the residential telephone number location). In making telephone solicitation calls to those states that have enacted applicable and enforceable time of day restrictions that are stricter than the FCC rules, Unified Compliance Services will follow the stricter guidelines.

Caller ID Information

In accordance with the FCC rules, Unified Compliance Services will transmit Caller ID information.

Facsimile Solicitations

Unified Compliance Services will not dial any telephone number for the purpose of determining whether the line is a facsimile or voice line. Unified Compliance Services will not use facsimile machines, computers or any other device to send "unsolicited advertisements" to any telephone facsimile machine.

Prohibited Calls

In addition to the foregoing, no sales calls shall ever be made by the use of an automatic dialing device or an artificial or prerecorded voice. No sales calls shall be made to:

(a) any 911 line or any emergency line of any hospital, medical physician or service office, healthcare facility, poison control center, or fire protection or law enforcement agency;

(b) any guest rooms or patient rooms of a hospital, medical physician or service office, healthcare facility, elderly home, or similar establishment; or,

(c) any telephone number assigned to a paging service, cellular telephone service, specialized mobile radio service, or other radio common carrier service, or any service for which the called party is charged for the call.


The foregoing guidelines serve as Unified Compliance Services written Do Not Call Policy as required by the FCC Rules.


Any consumer requesting a copy of Unified Compliance Services Do Not Call Policy shall be provided with a copy of this policy within three (3) days of the receipt of the request, by mail or email. If consumers have questions regarding this Policy, they should be directed to contact us.

Phone Number: (877) 647-4582

Email: admin@unifiedcomplianceservices.com

Corporate Boise Office: 6154 N. Meeker Place Suite 200 Boise, ID 83714

Colorado Office: 6000 E. Evans Ave. Suite 1-265 Denver, CO 80222

Date of policy update: 1/20/2019